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Ahoy Mateys: The HFC Flintlock Pistol Review

While we like to believe that we are almighty paragons of honest, truthful and informative airsoft gun reviews, sometimes you just need to have a bit of fun.

When the opportunity came across us to try out the HFC Flintlock Airsoft Gun, we couldn't pass it up. We don't have high hopes for the gun, and we recognize that an airsoft musket is definitely a meme cannon, but if we were curious, chances are some of you are too! Let's get into it.

The HFC Flintlock is definitely a looker. HFC clearly took the time to make this gun as visually appealing as possible in all areas but one. If we had to take Arrrrrgh... we mean arms, with any one thing it would be the way they chose to do the orange tip. We won't argue with it's presence, because it's the law, but we would have preferred an orange cap around the muzzle or something more easily removable and less critical to function than the painted inner barrel they extended through the muzzle of the pistol.

The simulated wood looks awesome, though it still feels like plastic when you touch it. A small embossed face on the pommel end of the grip hides the CO2 mechanics of the pistol as well. The filigree all along the barrel is bespoke and pleasing to the eye in the silver finish. We did find the gold finish model to be a little gaudy and hard on the eyes. Removing the faux head to add CO2 was tricky, but we appreciated that the screw for the CO2 chamber utilized a flathead screwdriver (or in our case a quarter) instead of allen keys. It made everything much easier than some other big name pistols when installing a new cartridge of gas.

If looks were the only thing this pistol had going for it, we'd be fine with that. This isn't the sort of gun you take out for your every weekend milsim affairs. However, it's actually pretty fun to shoot as well.

Our model chronographed at a blistering 475 FPS, and while that dropped over time as we purged gas from the CO2 cartridge, it never came below 400 FPS. This gun hits like a broadside from a mighty galleon, and we don't want to be on the receiving end. Accuracy was reasonable too, easily clocking the targets on our 50 foot pistol range, once we got accustomed to how to aim and fire it, since it has no sights of any kind, as was customary at the time of the firearm this is based on.

The firing action is simple. The "ramrod" is removeable by pushing in slightly, twisting, and removing. From here, you can use the included "powderbag" to speedload a few rounds into the tube. It has a maximum listed capacity of 20, but we found 10-15 was more reliable. Once the ramrod is reinserted, you simply cock the hammer and flint back, aim and fire. We also found great hilarity in dropping some rounds straight down the front of the barrel to blunderbuss things. While not recommended, and likely terrible for your pistol, it was a literal blast to shoot this way as well, and certainly felt more pirate-y.

The action is smooth, there is a resounding pop that is pleasing to the ear, and the bb shoots off as you expect to its intended target. However, nothing about this gun screams practicality. The gun is a single action only pistol, so you have to manually cock not one, but essentially two hammer mechanisms every time you pull the trigger. It is slow, cumbersome and tricky to get down fast, but boy is it fun!

Now, we don't normally add a whole extra section to the article about packing material or included extras, but in the case of this pistol we felt it was necessary. The way HFC has cared for the packaging and presentation of this gun to the consumer is second to none, and if there's anything to be gleaned by other companies from this humble pirate gat, it's that they need to step up their box game.

The exterior is faux wood, like the way you'd find a musket stored in the age of Blackbeard and Davy Jones, while the interior of the cardboard container inside is lined with a soft fabric. Each item in the box has a dedicated spot.

These items are the pistol, instructions, and the speed loader / powder bag. Everything feels very on brand, and put me in the pirate spirit nearly immediately. The instructions are rolled up like an old scroll or treasure map. Everything was designed to sell this pirate fantasy and we loved it.


We loved every second we spent with this pistol. It was unique, and fun and weird, all while still be a totally usable airsoft gun, sort of.

What kills the recommendation on this guy is the FPS. We just can't recommend a gun that isn't field legal at most fields because of it's high FPS. If HFC releases a green gas version in the US that comes in below 350 FPS, consider us on the waiting list though.

This pistol may have failed the dollar test, but ultimately, it may still have a place for you. If you are collector of weird guns, need something for a renaissance faire cosplay, or just want a fun gun to plink with there is a place for this in your collection.

Just don't take it to the MILSIM field.

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