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Getting Started: Airsoft Slang

Before we can properly begin giving you the dirt on new airsoft guns here at we have to get you started on the basics. You have to know the lingo if you want to hang with the MILSIMers, Speedsofters, and look like a real somebody to the rental players. Here's our quick list below. Familiarize yourself.

Chairsofter - That forum troll who never plays, hides behind his keyboard, and acts like he knows everything. May also be called a Keyboard Commando or Chairborne Ranger.

FOB – forward operating base. Military term co-opted by the airsoft community to denote a base or respawn area.

Fobbit - someone who hangs out in respawn all day, too lazy or out of shape to keep fighting.

Getting rolled / Swept - to be wiped out by the enemy team quickly

Cammies - camo uniform or clothing. You wear this so you can look "operator".

Heat Cas - short for heat casualty, or someone suffering heat stroke/exhaustion. You don't want to be this guy.

Bucket – This is your helmet. Protect yourself.

Squeakers - young players. This term comes from the high pitched voices of young noobs fresh to the airsoft battlefield.

Rentals - used to describe new players using rental guns

Operator - This is a term used by the military to define a real pipe hitting door kicking badass. In airsoft though, it's just the guy who spent the extra cash for the cool pants and kit.

Clap - To kill. I.E. "We just clapped those guys!" or "We just got clapped by that sniper"

Dome rocked - See also: Domed; To get shot in the head, or headshotted.

PBR - point blank rifle, used tod escribe rifles designed for use at close range. IE SMG, pistol carbine etc.

Bae - would be used for a person’s gun or battle buddy

Extra - Colloquial millenial/Gen Z term for over done. Often used in airsoft to describe a gun with too much put into it.

Salty - What the guys you keep shooting get described as. This term is reserved for the most upset of your victims.

Gucci / kosher - This term is used to describe items of kit that are really nice, or otherwise correct for a specific impression or loadout.

Cryes - a slang term to describe Crye Precision-style pants with knee pads integrated. May also refer to Crye Precision, the gear manufacturer.

Bump - would be any style of bump helmet.

Cheapsoft / Chinasoft – Cheaply made Airsoft guns and accessories. Usually from Chinese manufacturers.

GAT - Your BB Blaster. The tool of your airsoft destruction

Tacticool - would be things that look awesome or seem useful but aren't very practical

Newbie - someone new to airsoft

Mall Ninja - would be things that look awesome or seem useful but aren't very practical

Mall ninja AF - to describe someone who's covered their guns in way too much stuff to be useful.

Speedsoft – CQB

Yeet- to either show excitement or to throw something with vigor

Boujee- luxurious

GOAT- Greatest of all Time

THOT- That hostile over there

SpeedQB - describes that style of play and the gear people would use

HPA gun - High pressure air. Guns that are powered by a separate air tank. Usually have adjustable FPS and ROF That's the basics. We'll have you covered with another round of airsoft vocabulary lessons soon, but this should make sure you can hang with the cool kids. Remember kids, half of the battle is looking cool in the parking lot. The other half is shouting "Call your hits" at every person you pull the trigger towards as loud as you can. Oh wait, it's not that second one? The other half is calling your hits and not being a jerk to other players. Stay tuned for more from all of us here at!

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