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Social Distancing: Airsoft Style

With the outbreak of COVID-19, everyone all over the country has been hit with Shelter-in-place orders, restaurants are closed, gatherings need to be 10 people or less, and the world just doesn't feel the same as it used to.

While this is expected in the time of pandemics, it doesn't have to cease an end to your hobby for good. Just because events are being postponed or your favorite weekend field is closed for a bit doesn't mean you can't enjoy the hobby in other ways. Here's three of our favorite ways to engage in the hobby when we can't hit the field. Grab your Airsoft Guns and Your Gear, and let's get into it.

We all have guns that need repairs or upgrades.

Now is the best time to fire up some youtube tutorials, start turning screwdrivers and get your gun up and running again. Most major retailers, including our friends at Airsoft GI are still shipping parts via online orders, which means you can still get the things you need to finish your repairs.

It is important during times like these to stay busy, and keep your mind engaged. If you didn't know how to tech before, now is a good time to learn a valuable skill that can save you some serious money in the Airsoft Hobby once you learn how to work on guns yourself.

Need to be as far away from people as you can? Find a nice open spot (safely and legally) where you can properly dial in that red dot that has been living on top of your rifle. We all know you never zeroed it in the first place.

Make sure your gear is in tip top fighting shape for the first game after the quarantine is over. Everyone else has been too busy panic buying toilet paper and hand sanitizer to be ready for this moment, and it's your time to shine. This is probably a good time to revisit all of your set ups and make sure they still fit the way you play. It's not like you have anything better to do, like hit the field and actually play.

The leadership in our country is constantly stressing the fact that we need to stimulate our economy. Retail stores, bars, restaurants, and other "non-essential" business are all at risk from the closures and shutdowns we're experiencing.

Consider this a prime opportunity for you to kill two birds with one stone. Pull your gear out of the closet, give it a good look-over and find the places you know you've been lacking. Make a list, and spread some of that economy-stimulating love to your favorite retailers. They all need the business so they can help keep you stocked up for the field, and you need the new kit so when that first post quarantine game drops, you don't get dropped right after the game-on buzzer blows.

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