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Under The Radar: JAG GMX 1G 5.1 Hicapa Review

Typically, we choose what guns to review based one what hot new guns are coming out, or by requests from our readers and players in our local community. One of our big goals at Airsoft Rifle is to try and keep a finger on the pulse of the airsoft community and take closer looks at things players will want to see.

That changed this week when we got to go hands on with the new line of HiCapa pistols from JAG Precision. We thought this pistol was important to show off to the community because we didn't think it was getting enough notoriety for actually being a quality new entry in the HiCapa pistol market traditionally dominated by the same 2 or 3 manufacturers for the last decade.

Why did we think these new pistols were so incredible? Let's rip this JAG GMX 1G open and find out!

The visual design of these pistols is definitely on the flashy side. Bright gold barrels adorn many of the models. Your hands will find purchase on some pretty sci-fi looking grip textures that are functionally aggressive and visually pleasing.

The magazine flair is essentially a requirement for a Hi-Capa in 2019. It made reloads a breeze and with everyone's new models including them, you start behind the curve if you do not include it. Following a reload, the trigger press has a spongy slack to it that is less than ideal, but breaks cleanly.

Each shot breaks with a thunderous report. These pistols are loud. The recoil spring may be a touch too heavy, as felt recoil is a little softer than I expected for the heft and timbre of the of the gun's report.

Performance of these shots was expected performance for a modern airsoft handgun. The GMX 1G put shots out comfortably to 50 feet out of the box, and after playing with the hop up and switching to BB's, the comfortable 310 FPS shots reached out to 100 feet with ease. They do float pretty noticeably because of the lower FPS, so you'll run into issues in the wind, but that's true of most pistols. There is hardly any lagtime between shots. While the spongy recoil feels slow, the pistol still cycles incredibly fast, so the speedQB players in our audience will be pleased.

We'll be frank. The inside of the pistol isn't anything special. There are no stand out unique features or radical changes to the design of the HiCapa that make this gun stand out.

Hot Take: That's not a bad thing.

JAG made the absolute best call with the GMX series and kept them Tokyo-Marui compatible. These pistols provide a fantastic looking alternative to every KJW and WE Tech model o the market that provides the same level of customization and upgrade ability, without devolving in to the sometimes proprietary and difficult to work on nature of pistols from the likes of EMG and Armorer Works.

The GMX 1G we reviewed needed a bit of extra lubrication out of the box, but thankfully disassembly and lubrication on this gun is simple. HiCapa's tear down like a 1911, so removing one pin gets you down far enough to do the lion's share of lubrication work and preventive maintenance.

Gas efficiency with the included magazine was acceptable. We were able to get the average one-and-a-half full loads before gas power dropped below the pistol's ability to cycle.

Before we got started, we said we felt compelled to show off this gun to our viewers not because it was a hot new anticipated release, but because it's a special offering in a sea of companies all releasing the same ak's and PCC rifles to try and stay relevant to big trends.

The individual components of this gun on their own do not make it unique, but when you add them all together you get something special. In an industry where the same three companies have dominated the market with dull and uninspired hi-capa designs requiring intense external upgrades to feel unique, JAG stands out for providing aesthetically pleasing and unique takes on the hicapa style, that take standard internal parts and fit the average player's performance needs out of the box.

The pistols average between $90 and $110, with the GMX 1G at 109.99 on Airsoft GI. You'd be a fool to pass up on such a great pistol at such a great price. These make fantastic pistols for regular play, and only get better as you start to swap out parts.

Is this worth your hard earned dollars?

We have to say yes.

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