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WOMBO COMBO: How Can You Save Money?

If you've been paying attention, you know Airsoft GI just released a new promotion to save you the most money on your airsoft purchases.

If you've been living under the proverbial rock, you might have missed out on the memo for the "Wombo Combo" savings package! It may be one of the most lucrative options for purchasing your airsoft guns and tactical gear when you shop online.

It's pretty straight forward, you buy stuff, you save big dollars, but how does it work exactly?

It's really simple.

Every order over $89 gets a free shipping option automatically.*

Coupon code "2020" stacks with the free shipping. This gives you 10% off almost everything.

After your purchase, you get 2% rewards back to your account. This lets you use it as a credit for your next order so you can keep on saving money. You can use that credit for ANYTHING.

Combine all of these things and you get the WOMBO COMBO. Many players don't account for the price of shipping when making purchases, and Airsoft GI has the bar set lower than everyone! Nobody else is offering the rewards points and letting you stack a discount code.

Want to buy the 416A5 we reviewed last year? You know, the one we called "the closest thing to perfect you can get" (paraphrasing) in our review? Shipping on that guy is normally $20-$30. Plus, you'd get $10 back in rewards points. Plus "2020" to discount any applicable items on the order with it. That's HUGE savings. More than anyone else offers on their webstores.

It's a no brainer. If you're buying airsoft gear in 2020, you should be buying from Airsoft GI.

Go Forth and Save Money. Get those new year new you kits started right, for less money.

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